Zen music + Alpha binaural waves

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Zen, meditation & relaxation music video
Film & post-production by Fred Bouchal

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*Headphones required – watch in HD – every day for best results

Law of attraction states that : focusing on a subject for 68 seconds is enough to change vibration and enhance the ability to attract it in your life

My videos will help you to focus easily for relaxing, health, well-being…
In addition to music there are also binaural beats with alpha, gamma, delta and theta brain waves

Benefits :
•Relaxed body and mind
•Higher levels of creativity
•Improved ability to problem-solve
•Balanced mood (emotional stability)
•Lowered levels of stress & anxiety
•Flow state of consciousness
•”Super learning” ability
•Boosted immune system
•Increased levels of “serotonin”
•Extreme bliss
•Advanced healing of body and mind
•Connection with unconscious mind
•Deepest possible level of mind / body relaxation
•Perfect intuition
•Connecting with the spiritual body
•Related to O.O.B.E , Astral Travel, ESP, and other phenomenon
•Boosted immune system
•Release of Anti-Aging hormones
•Deep levels of relaxation
•Bridges the spiritual connection
•O.O.B.E. , Astral Projection, Esp, Other related phenomenon
•Advanced intuition
•Subconscious connection
•Ability to program subconscious mind
•Emotional connection
•Peak levels of creativity
•Advanced problem solving skills
•Large boost in learning ability
•Improved long-term memory
•Ability to hyperfocus
•Lower anxiety, stress, and neurosis
•Healing of body and mind
• Increased memory recall
• Increased sensory perception
• Increased focus
• Processing speed
• Anti-depressant (happier, calmer and more at peace)
• REM sleep and visualization
• “feeling of blessings” and ecstasy

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